A Nationwide Competition in Malaysia

Open to all Pole Dancers based in Malaysia over the age of 18 who have not competed on an international live stage before

Audition Video Submission

Video submissions by youtube or vimeo url link via the Audition Submission Form
2.5 - 3 minutes long, well lit without cuts or visual edits
Showcasing a choreography of your own, in the style of your chosen category
Must incorporate use of at least 1 pole, use of additional props and apparatus is allowed
Audition Fee rm 80 per entry
Auditions Open: August 8th
Auditions Close: September 25th
Finalists Announced: September 30th
Competition Day: December 10th

Audition Submission Form


Solo; Feels Queen
Solo; Flow Goddess
Solo; Bad Bitch
Group (2-5 pax)

Each Category will have a category winner
Overall champion will be awarded to the top scorer overall no matter which of the 4 categories, be it solo or group entry. The first runner up of that category would win the category winner instead

Judging Criteria

Rules and Terms


Competitors must be above the age of 18 and based in Malaysia. Each competitor may enter only once per category, but may enter in more than one category. They must be available on 10th December for dress rehearsals in the afternoon and to compete in the evening. They must not consume alcohol or other substances prior to competing


Performances must be between 3 – 4 minutes long and incorporate use of the pole. For group category, all performers should make use of the poles, with a maximum of 3 people bearing weight on a pole at a time


2 X-pole 40 mm truss-mounted chrome poles, 3m in height, 12 ft apart. They can be set to spinning or static, but if the dancer is requesting one of each, stage right will be a static pole while stage left will be spinning. Dance flooring will surround the poles in dimensions 40ft x 30ft x 2.6ft.


Zebra Square KL


To be announced


Music should contain minimal expletives. Music should be submitted in a single mp3 file with the track title(s) and artist(s) listed in the finalist’s form. In the event that more than one competitor chooses the same track, the later submission(s) will be asked to pick a different track


All forms of props, sets and apparatus are allowed with the conditions that it can be set up and removed completely under 2 minutes. Glitter is not allowed for this reason and grip aids used should not leave any stubborn residue on poles. Human props are allowed with the conditions that they shall not make contact with the poles, must sign a waiver form and must purchase a ticket to the event. All props, sets, apparatus and grip aids must be declared in the finalist’s form, to be approved by the organizer


Any clean footwear or barefeet is allowed, intimate body parts must remain well covered throughout the competition, bikinis will not be considered sufficient coverage and are not allowed


Performances dealing with sensitive content must be declared in the finalist’s form and approved by the organizer. In the event that approval is granted, a trigger warning will be displayed prior to the performance. These can include but are not limited to mental health issues, sexual assault, disability or violence in any form. Performances that incite discrimination towards a minority will not be tolerated


Competitors agree to be filmed and photographed throughout the rehearsals and competition and understand that all footage taken during the event will remain the property of Pole Dance Movement. Competitors will have no right to compensation for use of this footage, but may purchase the footage after the show


Judges should not view, or communicate about, any competitor’s routine prior to the competition. Judges and competitors should not communicate during the week leading up to the competition. The decision of the Judges will be final, with scores and feedback to be provided within 1 week after the competition. Please refer to the judging criteria for more info


Pole Dance Movement and its representatives are not liable for any injury, loss, expenses or damage incurred by any competitor or performer during any stage of the competition or related activities. Competitors acknowledge and accept the risks involved and will do their due diligence to mitigate risks


Pole Dance Movement reserves the right to make amendments to the competition structure, rules and terms, if deemed necessary for the safety or well being of the competitors, performers, and the event overall. Every effort will be made to inform the relevant parties as soon as possible should there be any amendments made


Admin Ayie 0133355592